Psycho-oncology. Stress and Cancer

Psycho-oncology. Stress and Cancer

Psycho-oncology treats the psychological and emotional aspects of patients diagnosed with cancer. Cancer is a disease that has multiple symptoms, treatments and prognoses depending on the location, type of tumor and stage, at the time of diagnosis.

When people receive a cancer diagnosis, they are in an unexpected situation that causes them an important degree of uncertainty about the future, creating great anguish. Psycho-oncology helps to cope with the emotional impact of disease and treatment to improve the quality of life and minimize suffering.

The experience of receiving a cancer diagnosis and overcoming it is tremendously difficult for patients and their relatives. Patients feels fear, anguish, hopelessness, anxiety, etc., and raises many questions that need to be expressed.

Stress and cancer

There is scientific evidence on the correlation between high levels of stress-related neurotransmitters (adrenaline, substance P) and increase in tumor size, and the spread of the disease to other locations (metastases). This relationship has proved the importance of reducing the impact of stress on the organism through relaxation techniques, breathing exercises, meditation or yoga.

Chinese Herbal formulas and Acupuncture helps to reduce stress and anxiety

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