About me

I obtained my medical degree at Barcelona University in Spain and I did my training in General Surgery in England.

Back in Spain, I reconsidered my speciality. Surgery, although exciting from the point of view of treatment effectiveness, did not meet my expectations as a doctor. Over the years I was working in England, I was very interested in cancer and I had already discovered the potential of some complementary medical treatments like Chinese Medicine.
I studied a Master degree in Chinese Medicine and Acupuncture while working as a General Practitioner and Paediatrician.

Finally, realizing the need for a comprehensive approach to medicine, I decided to work combining my knowledge in conventional medicine and complementary medicine following the model of well-known hospitals in the USA, like Sloan Kettering Cancer Center and Mayo Clinic, having both, Integrative Medicine and Integrative Oncology departments.

In recent years I have devoted much of my time to develop the field of Integrative Oncology. Supporting my work in published scientific studies on the effectiveness of complementary cancer treatments and being in touch with other Integrative Oncology clinics worldwide.
I am also teacher of a Master's degree in Integrative Oncology in Spain, about complementary treatment of cancer with modulated Electro-Hyperthermia.

I have taken part in the edition of the first book on Integrative Oncology in Spanish language edited by the Spanish Society of Integrative Medicine (SESMI), writing two chapters: "Cancer complementary treatment with Chinese Herbal Medicine" and "Cancer complementary treatment with Electro- Modulated hyperthermia".

I am member of the European Society of Inegrative Medicine and Board member of the Spanish Asociation of Integrative Doctors.