Chinese Herbal Medicine and Cancer

Chinese Herbal Medicine and Cáncer

Chinese Medicine consider cancer as a combination of injuries that have accumulated over time. Unlike conventional medicine, in Chinese medicine there will be more than one diagnosis for each cance type. Cancer is seen as the evolution over time of certain processes that ultimately culminates in the appearance of the cancer cell. Each type of cancer has at least two types of patterns in which the cancer can develop.

From Chinese medicine perspective, extracellular environment is extremely important, as well as the functional relation of organs between them. A cell can have an oncogene that, when activated, induces cancer growth, but not all people who have a particular oncogene develop cancer. Not even all people exposed to the same carcinogenic substances end up developing the disease. At present, from conventional medicine we know in depth the behaviour of a tumor cell, but we do not know what exactly causes a given cell with an oncogene and exposed to carcinogenic substances, to become a cancer cell, while in another individual does not happen.

This question is where Chinese medicine provides other possible answers. The environment surrounding the tumor cell is extremely important. In cases where there is poor blood microcirculation, oxygen deficiency, extracellular fluid acidosis or accumulation of toxins, creates a very hostile environment for the cells.

It is necessary to evaluate whole history of diseases and symptoms throughout the patient's life, together with an assessment of symptoms at the present time such as pain, appetite, digestive symptoms, thirst, sleep, energy level, sweating ... Tongue inspection and wrist pulses provide much information about the physiology of the body. All this information allows to define the pattern imbalance that has led to the appearance of a particular type of cancer and seek. Knowing the imbalance will allow to correct the dysfunctional pattern.

Chinese Herbal Medicine 

Chinese Herbal Medicine is the main tool available to Chinese Medicine. Through the use of specific herb formulas we can correct problems in the microcirculation of a particular organ, drain toxins, alkalinize, boost immunity ... helping conventional treatment and decreasing side effects of chemotherapy.

On the other hand, herbs that have proved anticancer activity by scientific studies are included in the formulas for cancer treatment. The pharmaceutical analysis of specific herbs allows us to add information to choose the herbs of a certain formula.

It is important to keep in mind that Chinese Herbal Medicine should be stopped 48 hours before the administration of chemotherapy and start again 48 hours later. not to interfere with the cytotoxic effect of chemotherapy.

What formulas are used in the treatment of cancer?

The choice of formulas is made:

  • Depending on the type of cancer and Chinese medicine syndrom.
  • Choosing herbs that enhance immunity to recover between chemotherapy cycles and after chemotherapy has been completed. Chinese medicine has specific herbs with stimulating effect on inmune system proved with pharmacological analysis. Many of these herbs contain high levels of polysaccharides that boost immunity. Ex: Eleutherococcus senticosus, Astragalus mongolicus.
  • Choosing herbs that improve blood microcirculation. Most patients with cancer have high blood fibrinogen levels, which increases blood clotting and blood viscosity. This produce bad microcirculation in the capillaries. Increase in blood viscosity helps the transport of cancer cells through the bloodstream and the production of metastases. There are studies proving that lowering blood viscosity prevents or delays the appearance of metastases.
  • Choosing herbs with anticancer action.



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