Orthomolecular Medicine and Cancer

Orthomolecular Medicine and Cancer

Orthomolecular medicine uses nutrients such as vitamins, minerals, amino acids, enzymes and fatty acids necessary for the proper functioning of the body at the cellular level.

Cancer cells have an abnormal communication between cells and form new vessels to supply the tumor. Cancer cells have the ability to invade other tissues and colonize other organs and alter normal  immune function. We have nutritional supplements that can affect the processes described. For example:

Curcumin inhibits the synthesis of prostaglandin PGE2 which is pro-inflammatory, thus having anti-inflammatory action. It also stimulates the immune system.

The omega 3 EPA inhibits the synthesis of PGE2 and has a potent anti-inflammatory activity.

Deficiency of vitamin C, vitamin D and melatonin has been observed in different types of cancer. Supplementation is important.

Some of these nutrients can be administered intravenously, reaching optimal blood levels in short time, including intravenous vitamin C at high doses.

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