Metabolic Therapy Cancer Treatment

Terapia metabólica del cáncer

Metabolic Treatment for Cancer 

Metabolic therapy in the complementary treatment of cancer is a treatment based in controlling the metabolism of the cancer cell, cutting down the energy supply that the cancer cell needs to grow. 

Cancer primarily uses glucose, therefore, it is important to block glucose receptors in the cell membrane of tumor cells to prevent glucose from entering into the cell. It is also important to inhibit glycolysis and the formation of new glucose in the liver.

On the other hand, it is necessary to inhibit the functioning of mitochondria in tumor cells so that they cannot use glucose, fatty acids or amino acids to produce energy.

The inhibition of metabolic pathways used by tumors can be obtained with certain natural supplements, such as berberine, which have proven their effectiveness through scientific studies in the treatment of cancer.

The use of commonly used drugs, such as metformin in the treatment of diabetes, has proven effective in treating cancer by its action of inhibiting mitochondrial activity to use glucose.

Metabolic cancer therapy should always be accompanied by a personalized diet according to the metabolic profile of each type of tumor, controlling the amount of carbohydrates, the type of proteins and the type of fat consumed.


Scientific studies on metformin for the treatment of cancer

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