Carpal tunnel syndrome

Treatment of carpal tunnel syndrome

Carpal tunnel syndrome is the syndrome of entrapment of the median nerve at the wrist. It is one of the most common neuronal entrapment syndromes along with compression of the sciatic nerve.

The median nerve passes through the wrist through a tunnel formed by eight bones of the hand and a fibrous band or ligament that covers it. When this fibrous band thickens, it can compress the median nerve and cause alterations in the sensitivity of the hand in the first three fingers, as well as loss of strength. 

It is common to observe that in addition to the thickening of the fibrous band, there is also a significant shortening of the hand muscles that are inserted into that ligament, causing, in addition to inflammation of the ligament itself, a tension that contributes to the compression of the nerve.

I have often seen a significant improvement in symptoms through the treatment of trigger pointsof the muscles involved with acupuncture needles, allowing decompression of the nerve. This treatment would thus avoid surgical treatment.

Another cause of compression of the median nerve that often goes unnoticed is compression at the level of the forearm in the passage of the median nerve through the muscle fibers of the pronator teres muscle.

With a proper diagnosis, it is possible to resolve 80% of these syndromes without the need for surgical intervention.


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