Psycho-oncology. Stress and Cancer


Cúrcumin and Breast Cancer

Curcumin has shown antitumor effects in breast cancer. HER2 positive. It can induce cell death in breast cancer cells by inducing changes in the cell membrane potential.

Cancer stem cells are one of the main causes of cancer recurrence after treatment. Cancer stem cells are responsible for resistance to chemotherapy after a period of treatment, therefore, research to develop approaches that allow the destruction of cancer stem cells is of much importance. Curcumin has shown its ability to kill cancer stem cells, in addition to increasing the effectiveness of chemotherapy in the treatment of breast cancer.


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Cancer. Clinical Cases treated by Oncothermia-Nanothermia



Conference about "Cancer clinical cases treated by Oncothermia- Nanothermia", held by Dr. Esther Ibáñez in Madrid September 30th 2017 organized by Spanish Asociation of Integrative Doctors (AESMI).

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Video: "Cancer and Chinese Medicine"

Conference about Cancer under Chinese Medicine perspective. The importance of checking the tongue for diagnosis and prevention. Comparison between Western Medicine and Chinese Medicine approach about the origin of cancer. 

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Vídeo: "Cancer and Intravenous Vitamin C treatment"

Vídeo de la conferencia sobre estrés oxidativo y la utilización de los antioxidantes. en distintas patologías. La utilización de la vitamina C endovenosa en el tratamiento integrativo del cáncer.

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Video: "Managing Chemotherapy and Radiotherapy side effects"

Conferencia sobre como puede ayudar la Oncología Integrativa en el tratamiento de los efectos secundarios de la quimioterapia y la radioterapia.

La vitamina C endovenosa a altas dosis en el tratamiento complementario para el cáncer


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Vídeo: "Cancer and Emotions"

Conferencia: "Cáncer y emociones" Dra. Esther Ibáñez

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Video: "Oncothermia, Cancer complementary treatment"

La Nanotermia Oncológica u Oncothermia es un método de Hipertermia electromagnética modulada no invasivo, coadyuvante en el tratamiento contra el cáncer, que promueve un proceso regulador natural del cuerpo.

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