Absent or Irregular Periods

Amenorrea tratamiento natural

Tratamiento Integrativo

amenorrhea or impaired menstruation in a woman in reproductive age can be due to the patient's age due to distinct endocrine disorders, tumors, polyquistic ovary, anorexia nervosa…so what should be discarded first of the previous pathologies. But there are amenorrheas of functional origin, without any underlying pathology. On many occasions, poor menstruation is associated with periods of stress and anxiety. But not all women sometimes feel or worry about menstruation. The difference between one and the other, according to the specific medicine, lies in the nutritional status of the woman. Although it is apparently suitable for not presenting evident symptoms of malnutrition, it is frequently associated with digestive disorders and malabsorción which makes it difficult to store organic nutrients and liquids to produce a sufficient volume of blood in the body. Furthermore, total blood volume loss occurs over long periods with abundant bleeding during menstruation. On many occasions the tests do not show alterations in blood parameters, not presenting signs of anemia, but palpation of the pulses shows a total blood volume below normal. When the total volume of blood is reduced, the body is shed without allowing the loss of menstrual blood loss. These patients need an adequate diet, regulation of the digestive function and the necessary nutrients to reverse the process and ensure that the menstrual cycle is restored to normality.

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